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application of chemistry experiments to eradicate blind beliefs from minds of illiterate people of under / un developed countries

Idea by Subrat kumar Panigrahy   |   added on Jan 31, 2011 05:53PM Collaboration Collaboration
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Many chemistry experiments & applications are available, which can improve the quality / taste of life of illiterate / innocent people of poor and third world countries.

Many innocent people across the third world  are victim of  prejudice ,bigots & wrong beliefs, chemistry can change their mind set  if it really reaches to them. Really this can be a method how  we   can help the millions of people across the world , perhaps this will serve meaning of celebration of    IYC-2011.

Topic: hands-on activities, workshops, experiments, game, drawing competition Audience: general public, students, secondary schools, high schools, school children, scientists, teachers, iyc enthusiasts, global, decision makers
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