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inoculation of mycorrhizae in medicinal plants

Idea by Rupashree Dass   |   added on Jan 21, 2011 08:32AM Discussion Discussion
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A mycorrhiza is what is formed when a fungus and a plant root combine.Mycorrhizal fungi are microbial engines which improve plant vigor and soil quality. They play a crucial role in plant nutrient uptake, water relations, ecosystem establishment, plant diversity, and the productivity of plants.

i did a summer project in the 2nd year on "Inoculation of mycorrhizae in medicinal plants." Plants such as hadjod (Cissus quadrangularis),Acyranthus aspera, Catharanthus roseus,various species of Aloe vera etc. were inoculated with mycorrhiza and PSB and the physical changes in these plants were studied on a daily basis for 90 days and compared with the controlled plants which had not been inoculated.

10 plants of each species were innoculated with mycorrhizae ,10 with PSB and 10 plants were not inoculated with anything.Surprisingly we found that the growth rate,the no.of leaves of the innoculated plants was more than the normal plants.This Work was done in the college botanical garden. Then We went to TERI to learn the separation of spores,staining of roots and stems and how to measure the % of infection in them.  

Mycorrhizal fungi combine with plant roots to form a symbiotic relationship whereby the fungi gives nutrients, water and protection to the plant in exchange for food in the form of carbon. 

Mycorrhizal diversity is key to maintaining crop and forest fertility. Studying this diversity helps figure out which mycorrhizal fungi need to be added to achieve soil fertility and aids in the development of farming and forestry practices that preserve mycorrhizal diversity.

Mycorrhizal diversity studies are needed to understand the roles of the various species of mycorrhizal fungi in a habitat so that effective conservation strategies can be developed.

Topic: experiments, environment Audience: general public, students, secondary schools, school children


Parnia Shokri
Jan 27, 2011 11:20PM

Thanks.that was really interesting.I`ve always thought that mycorrhiza is harmful for all plants.but excuse me,what`s PSB?

Rupashree Dass
Jan 28, 2011 12:55PM

PSB IS phosphate solubilizing bacteria.Phosphate is water insoluble so these microorganisms have an inherent property and can dissolve a part of the phosphorous and make it available to the plants by secreting certain organic acids.

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