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Water. Fountain of life.

Idea by Josefina Morales   |   added on Jan 20, 2011 10:46PM Collaboration Collaboration
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Were presenting the celebration of conferences-talleres in about 60 primary and secondary schools about Water . The importance of water ,properties,uses,types,hydrologic cycles, waste, hydrographic fountains , importance of the trees,polution,acid rain, fingertips of water and climate change in our country.

There are many problems about water in our country DR.

We are descrybing this activity  about " Water. Fountain of life", in some steps:

1)  Conference and ppt pesentation about Water in the schools by Chemistry's or science teachers.

2) Discovering  with students activities, experiments  or  ideas about water with simple materials like: (Hands on with  types of water, chemicals characteristics, dengue, clean water polution,beaches,rivers, pH,minerals in water, others.)

3)  Video about " Water Hydrologic cycle" as systemic  process and the importance of this resource in the environment .

4) Dramatizations with students about the topic and  the problem in their communities.

5) Ideas of the students about  how their can help the people of their communities .

 6) Finally  the students will bring to their communities conferences, campaings and some solutions about water.

Topic: hands-on activities, conferences, presentations, environment, experiments, workshops, climate change Audience: students, secondary schools, high schools, school children, teachers, primary schools


Josefina Morales
Jan 20, 2011 11:41PM

Water. Fountain of life.

I think this idea is very important because the students are encouraged about chemistry  and the relationship of chemistry with the water and the environment.

When you put students into action , they have a lot of ideas and new activities . They want to share these ideas with others and in this form you can involve many people in new knowledge and to solve problems in their communities.


Djamshid Damry
Jan 22, 2011 11:51PM

Talking about 'water' makes me think of a story written by D.H.Lawrence on what really make water? Is it only Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms? I was quite amazed by the idea proposed by the writer. And I think, we chemists, should try to find out about that 'third thing' which makes water really what it is. 

Josefina Morales
Jan 24, 2011 11:20PM

Thanks Dr Damry for share with us. I love chemistry too.  I think water is water with its properties and that""third thing "" that you mencion it and its possible you can explain more to us.(because of I didint read this book).



J. Antonio Cruz Navarro
Feb 26, 2011 10:19PM

I think this is a god idea, so important for Elementary school students, 'cause they will be involved on the Chemestry field and they'll be interested for this activities. Maybe you're teaching to future's chemist. Chemistry It's important on third world, especially Latin America. I'm from Mexico, in my country people don't care the water, It's wasted everywhere. I'd like those proyects were implemented in my country,'cause childrens and teens don't like the chemestry, this situation is very worrying, there are few persons worried for the water. We have few chemists and I'm one of them. I'm a Industrial chemist student.  

Josefina Morales
Feb 27, 2011 12:54AM

Thanks Antonio, of course chemistry is so important in Latin America but is necessary science's teachers instruction.  In our country Dominican Republic people don't care water too. We involved 400 students  high and middle school in the water's project. Then about 70 students continued their Lic Ecology at University, it's amazing!!  A good project! 

Besides, I had in the last year other project in the frontier zone about  sensibilization in water too.

Thanks for sharing your experiences .



Djamshid Damry
Apr 08, 2011 11:37AM

Josefina Morales, I truly apologise for this very late reply of mine. I was abroad and could not get seriously involved on this matter.
Well about the story, probably the most intriguing sentence written by the author is:
"Water is H2O, hydrogen two parts, oxygen one, but there is also a third thing that makes it water, and nobody knows what that is..."
I personally agree to this idea. We drink water everyday and it has become so common a fact to us, that we completely ignore what really water is. Maybe, on the quantum scale, we may find the answer, but so far, no such experiments, I guess, have been made. I suggest that highly experienced chemists should break new grounds on this issue.
Or, as you have mentioned about primary and secondary schools' conferences, you may try ask several students about their opinions.

Bryan Henry
Jul 10, 2011 07:37PM

Josefina Morales

This is a superb IYC activity.  The involvement of young people is one of the main reasons we applied for an International Year.  Many thanks for your imaginative efforts and hard work.

bryan henry

Fabienne Meyers
Jul 10, 2011 08:33PM

You all might be interested to check out this IYC global experiment titled Water - A Chemical Solution. More info @

Josefina Morales
Jul 16, 2011 01:09AM

Bryan Henry

Thank you very much for your  comment.  Our students needs to involve in this kind of activities in order to protect our naturals resources and take advantage about the importance of Chemistry in  their lives.

I love IYC because our young people have a chance to know more about chemistry!

Josefina Morales

Dominican Republic

Josefina Morales
Jul 16, 2011 01:22AM

Fabienne Meyers

Thank you very much for your comment.  Yes, the IYC global experiment  is very important . I hope in my country Domincan Republic we can take a part of this in next october when we make a seminar to the students at university.

We have a facebook site and share  IYC events with differents friends of many countries, its name is:

Quimica 2011 Ano Internacional, besides I hope to go to IUPAC Congress in Puerto Rico, this event is very importatn and  we are very near .


Josefina Morales

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