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Nanotechnolgy and Creative Future of Chemistry

Idea by Parvinder Singh   |   added on Jan 20, 2011 08:11AM Collaboration Collaboration
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National Conference on nanotechnology and Creative Future of Chemistry likely to held in October 2011 in Chandigarh

Chemistry is mother of other sciences.It has played pivotal role in history of mankind since years and years alongwith development of mankind from primtive time to civilised time transformig to modern era of technology.Tthe advancement of technolgy has everlasting role in chemistry in every sphere of universe,viz food and technology,pharmaceutical,fine chemicas,drugs ,petroproducts,synthetic and natural products,etc etc.The survival of mankind is impossible without the legendary and laudable role of indispensable chemistry.

In recent times Nanotechonogy has expanded the boundaries of Chemistry to new horizons with remarkable creativity in the subject.

This conference is designed to share such experiences and spread the message among all sections of society about the role and  importance of Chemistry.  

Topic: conferences, presentations, seminars, drawing competition Audience: students, scientists, teachers, educators, researchers, post graduate students, professional chemists.
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