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Chemistry, life and climate change

Idea by Yair Porras   |   added on Jan 14, 2011 04:07AM Discussion Discussion
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Effects of climate change on butterflies life (Leptophobia aripa). Conservation Forum and environmental education

For the verification of the effects of climate change on  the butterflies life , we need two assemblies: one at room temperature (19 º C-20 ° C approximately) and the other at elevated temperature (23 º C) in an incubator, a value predicted by the scientists due to global warming. It is evident from the first observations that climate change affects the dynamics of these insects, the proof is its rapid growth under controlled conditions. So the eggs were reared in an incubator at 23 ° C, half the time it took to pass both larva to pupa, and pupa to adult. It is interesting to see the commitment and motivation of students in this project, since they can examine the impact of climate change on the processes of growth and development of butterflies.

Topic: conferences, climate change, butterflies exhibition Audience: students, high schools, educators
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