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Dr. Noha Elnagdi

Idea by Noha Elnagdi   |   added on Dec 10, 2010 06:41AM Suggestion Suggestion
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Launching Chemistry Clubs

The decision makers and educators of all stages should encourage the "chemistry clubs" in the educational institutes. This will lead to more enthusiasm about chemistry and the awareness about the chemicals and their importance as well as their possible dangers in our life. 

Topic: workshops, experiments, exhibition, engaging the youth, science fair, competition, play, chemistry olympiad Audience: secondary schools, school children, high schools, educators, teachers, tertiary education, primary schools, decision makers, post secondary students


Rawan Almaki
Dec 11, 2010 08:30PM

I agree
We need to ((the clubs of Chemistry))! Undergraduate studies are not enough
Student from Syria

Mohammad Arshad
Dec 27, 2010 12:57PM
Mohammad Arshad
Dec 27, 2010 12:57PM
Ranny Lie
Jan 09, 2011 04:55AM

I'm agree too! :)

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