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Atmospheric Chemistry: Urban, regional and global

Idea by Antonio Miguel   |   added on Nov 18, 2010 05:53PM Collaboration Collaboration
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Analytical instrumentation development for the characterization of the toxic aerosol present in the troposphere can provide an arsenal of inexpensive online, near real-time, and lab-on-a-chip techniques used to evaluate their impact on human exposure and climate change.

There is an urgent need for scientists, specially chemists, biologists, botanists, physicits and engineers to informe the development of  faster and cost effective methods that allow the characterization of the dynamics, and chemical composition of atmospheric vapor- and particle phase species (i.e. in aerosol) present in the atmosphere. Although great progress has been achieved during the last decade on real and near real-time instrumentation, in some cases the cost precludes their routine deployment..

Needed are online, near real-time, lab-on-a-chip (LOC) cost-accessible methods. Short time resolution is of paramount importance in studies of indoor and micro-environment air quality, human exposure to air toxics, a to gain a better understanding of the chemical and physical processes that occur during atmospheric transport.

Clearly, a multi-disciplinary approach is needed, both in class rooms at the graduate and undergraduate levels, and specialty conferences, with the participation of scientists, engineers, epidemiologists, funding agencies, and policy makers.

Topic: workshops, meetings, specialty conferences, hands-on courses, experiemnts, seminars, climate change, human exposure, modeling, environment, air quality Audience: scientists and engineers, researchers, decision and policy makers, modelers
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