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why there is no chemisty clubs in the preparatory ??

Idea by Hichem Abassi   |   added on Nov 01, 2010 09:15PM Suggestion Suggestion
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chemistry is very well studied in prep cycles, but if we can't love what we do, we won't do it well..would we?

chemistry is very appreciated in schools of tunisia, but still, youth can't practice or enjoy any of it's wonders neither experiment new things since we lack clubs and entourage ..

I hope for the best that we can bring a new philosophy  into student's minds in the year of chemistry 2011, maybe dedicating clubs and personel for this task won't be expensive, compared to what students will enjoy and the interest in the subject will be really high..

please comment, and thank you.

Topic: history of chemistry, hands-on activities, workshops, conferences, exhibition, experiments, competition, seminars, presentations, chemistry olympiad Audience: teachers, tertiary education, students, general public, scientists, educators, decision makers
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