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workshop about women and global warming

Idea by sharare masoumi   |   added on Sep 05, 2010 12:00AM Collaboration Collaboration
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women are the most important audience in cultural issues,beacuse of their role in treatment the childeren,and they are also manager of the house.throughout series of workshops they will familliar with greenhouse effect and carbon footprint and ofcourse with their role in global warming.

we can have 4 workshops about global warming for women.

1_the first workshop about concepts such as:greenhouse gasses,how they produce,fossil fuels,global warming and climate change,....

2_the second workshop about carbon footprint and how everyone compute her(him) carbonfootprint

3_the third workshop about the role that everyone has in global warming and what they can do about it

4_the fourth workshop about introduce the clean and renewable energies that is avalible and we can use them simply

these workshops must perfomance in facilatory methode .beacuse in ths way we can hope that people contribute inthese workshops effectively and actively.

Topic: workshops Audience: women, teachers
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