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Chemical science is for everyone, knows a little more .....

Idea by Pedro Falcón estrada   |   added on Jul 28, 2010 04:54AM Suggestion Suggestion
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My idea is to present an overview about the major chemicals through history, their contributions to science, a little of his life and how the world has changed from the dates recognized by science. Develop a book, of leading scientists that have existed, or perhaps a book where it shows a very simple, the work that was aw

It is on the collection of personal data of leading scientists throughout the world and throughout history, showing peculiar aspects and determinants that led them to explore and investigate science. Develop a book with the collection and keep a chronological and geographical statistics to facilitate search in text or multimedia. Including photographs or drawings of scientists, photos and locations of their laboratories or universities, onomastics. Containing a special section with all the data on the periodic table of elements (I mean the data written in front), and a special section for the winners of the Nobel Prize in chemistry, where he is drafted in very accessible language, the importance of each job and the change that took place in the world. This can occur in panel discussion, symposium or projection. We need the collaboration of all colleagues and associations in the world not to forget any data and not to mention some important chemical.
It would be wonderful to have the overview on this work and the true history of our predecessors are not forgotten or in memory of a few people. Thank you.

Topic: conferences, history of chemistry, presentations, seminars, drawing competition Audience: professional chemists., students, general public, secondary schools, high schools, educators, tertiary education, regional, post graduate students, primary schools, international, iyc enthusiasts


Pedro Falcón estrada
Jul 28, 2010 04:56AM

Science is for everyone ..

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