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Idea by Kuppusamy Uthaman   |   added on Jun 25, 2010 06:48PM Suggestion Suggestion
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Hazardous chemicals usage in aging oil fields increase day by day due to the need for treatment chemicals, increasing the hazards to public safety; Public should be aware of hazards during spill or transportation.

Huge volumes of hazardous chemicals are being used in oil fields. Some are classified as carcinogenic like formaldehyde which is used as  biocide to kill bacteria.  Companies like Kuwait Oil Company consume variety of chemicals like demulsifier, oxygen scavengers, corrosion inhibitors,scale inhibitors and aldehyde biocides. Annual consumption exceeds more than 70000 drums.. These chemicals  expose  risk to handling personnel and during leaks and spillage. An awareness program is planned with poster sessions and shifting to greener chemicals to reduce hazards.  Also, water quality tests are planned in various areas  to check contamination of water table due to any ingress of foreign materials.

Topic: presentations, posters Audience: decision makers, professional chemists
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