International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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Visualize the application of chemistry and publish in common websites like youtube

Idea by Ramanathan E   |   added on Dec 23, 2010 11:02AM Collaboration Collaboration
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Let us visualize the important concepts and applications of chemistry and publish in common websites like youtube throughout the year.

Let us come together and explore in visualizing the great concepts of chemistry and its wonderful applications to the world.

Topic: chemistry animation, visuals, youtube movie clips, digital chemistry, chemistry in daily life, chemistry olympiad Audience: teachers, students, chemistry, researchers, chemists, elearning, animation, professors


Salome' Scott
Dec 28, 2010 06:08AM

How about a digital periodic table? We could do a "60 Second Element" or something. That would allow many different people to participate and it would hold the attention span of an average web surfer/non-chem-fanatic. YouTube would be a great way to do that, or facebook, or even an entirely new site. It just depends who would be interested. 

Have you seen Calculus in Ten Minutes? It's amazing. I know someone who would be willing to try that.

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