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History of Chemistry

Idea by Nahla Ismail   |   added on Apr 19, 2010 08:19AM Suggestion Suggestion
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how chemistry started and how it was used and for what purposes at that time. on the other hand how is it today and the steps of its developments

Chemistry started by the anciant Egyptians. they used in medicine in their believes to keep the bodies unchanged for another life after death. they also used it in decoration and art. then chemistry science is transfered to other civilizations in different times of the history. It is a very flexible wide science that enters all needs of good like like food, agriculture, fine clothes, drinks. It is envolved also in industries and it is closely tied to the indutry history, petroleum industries, transportation industries, cement, manufactiring, savings, buildings..and so on. Man utilized chemistry unfortunately in death tools for war purposes and even cold war and assisnations and so on. Finally our modern technology, the tools for communication we are using right now is closely tied to chemistry.

thanks to Chemistry, I am sharing my ideas wide world right now.

Nahla Ismail

National Research Center

Cairo, Egypt

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