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Latex freezer with forest fruits

Idea by Budi Santosa   |   added on Mar 25, 2011 12:13PM Collaboration Collaboration
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Education is a learning process. A Meaningful Learning must give the benefit of knowledge and information to the learners for their life and environment. The society of Barito Timur Regency is very depending on the rubber plantation for their economic especially at Dusun Tengah District. Lately, the price of latex undergoes to

It is necessary to look for the alternative. The alternative must be reducing the cost of production.
Kalampesu is a fruit. It grows wild in Borneo forest. It can be used as a latex freezer. It is scientific named as Baccaurea Iancoelata Mull.Arg., In DC. Prodr. 15.2 (1866). It is synonym with Adenocrepis Iancoelatus (Miq.) Mull.Arg, Baccaurea Glabriflora Pax & K. Khoffm, Baccaurea Pyrrhodasya (Miq) Mull.Arg, Hedycarpus Lancoelatus Miq, Pieardia Pyrrhodasya Miq.
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It fruit has several names in Kalimantan/Borneo. It is called Ampusu, Asam Pauh, Buah Lapasu, Lipasu, Tamasu, and Tampoi. The extraction process of it fruit are simple and easy. It can be planted everywhere and undependable with the season.

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Budi Santosa
Mar 25, 2011 12:16PM

this inovation is winner in science education award by Indonesia Toray Science Foundation 2009

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