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Chemistry on stamps

Idea by Mehmet Yilmazata   |   added on Jan 02, 2011 04:17PM Suggestion Suggestion
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presenting stamps with the topic chemistry

/Hi all! I am not a chemistry expert, but as I enjoy stamp collecting, it came to my attention that a lot of international stamps have motives with the topic of chemistry! Furthermore, some postal administrations will issue stamps related to chemistry this year. I suggest (if there is any interest) that we might opost images of stamps related to chemistry on an affiliated website (non commercial, no trading) of the IYC, I also might try to establish some connections to philatelistic associations that are promoting chemistry..

I am adding a link of the "Chemistry and Physics on Stamps Study Unit" (I am not related, but they have an interesting website)


Another website showing chemistry stamps is here :

Topic: Audience: general public, philatelists/stamp collectors/schools
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