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Food conservation

Idea by Nestor Ishimwe   |   added on May 13, 2011 02:49PM Collaboration Collaboration
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Inventory of food that should be well conserved in order to prevent food borne illnesses due to the chemical deterioration of these foods.

In this world, there is so many foods which are used not only by human beeing but also other organisms such as animals, energy generators for doing different activities, for growing and so many other reqirements for life.

For this reason we prefered to do an inventory of foods that can cause miscelaneous deseases to the organisms if they are not well conservedand encourage young chemists, proffessionalchemists to continue thier researchers in order not only  to fight against the microbs wich cause the chemical degradation of food but also its conservation.

This idea also can help the decision makers to understand the upcomming problem of the peeople if their food are not well nutured and facilitate us to sencitize them on how they can keep their food. t

Topic: seminars, presentations, engaging the youth. Audience: students, teachers, educators, post secondary students, professional chemists, decision makers.
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