International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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Involving high school students and teachers

Idea by Manica Perdan Ocepek   |   added on Dec 07, 2011 03:19PM Collaboration Collaboration
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ICY is approaching its end and the activities of our school are summarised.

Celebration of ICY has been enroled into daily school life by:

  • involvement of students into global experiment during the regular curricular experimental work,
  • students` presentations of Marie Curie`s life and research work on posters,
  • students` presentations in the crosscurricular module Drinking Water the Challenge of Today,
  • posting students` presentations on the school web page bilingually,
  • posting teachers` presentations on the school web page bilingually,
  • involvment of students and teachers attending the important plenaries on national and international level,
  • students` and their teacher  participation in the discussion on national broadcast about chemistry and ICY,
  • creating the subpage on the chool web page. 

Topic: experiments, presentations, history of chemistry, environment, engaging the youth Audience: students, secondary schools, teachers, high schools
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