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Chemistry: Magic in real ! ! ! ! !

Idea by Chirag Fultariya   |   added on May 09, 2011 05:54AM Discussion Discussion
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Targeting day to day uses of chemistry in real lifestyle. Showing utilities and future road map of chemistry, teachers can attract students for future.

Chemists create. Pursuing a chemistry degree can lead you to fascinating careers where you can create new drugs, new materials, new technologies, new theories, new policies, or new businesses. The next Kevlar (invented by a Carnegie Mellon alumna) or nanotechnology could be your invention.

Chemistry is critical to solving today's problems. Each day's news contains issues where chemistry matters: faster and cheaper drug development, cleaner and more economical fuel sources, safer air and drinking water, biotechnology to improve health and food sources around the world, nanotechnology to reduce the size and environmental impact of many consumer goods, and green industrial processes to prevent pollution.

Chemistry knowledge and skills are flexible. Chemists have key knowledge and skills for the interdisciplinary, cutting-edge biotechnology research. Billion dollar industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and household and personal care products hire chemists in quality assurance, technical sales, research project management, and many other positions. The business world is increasingly interested in chemists who want to combine their science with policy development, technical writing, corporate communications, business development, or investment advising.

Chemistry lets you see the world differently. Studying the molecular world helps you learn to see more than what is obvious to others, to ask questions about how the current state came to be, to examine underlying mechanisms, to design experiments carefully, and to consider alternative explanations. This analytical rigor of a chemistry degree is already well known as a valuable foundation for professions such as medicine and law; these perspectives also turn out to be useful in many areas of life.

Topic: seminars, engaging the youth Audience: highschool students, college students, teachers


Ivan Reznikov
May 17, 2011 09:35PM

Sounds great! I can only add, that the magic of changing colors or other simple chemical tricks have great effect. You fall in love to chemistry, there is so much interesting! But when we become older we are not so effective by old tricks... here comes new technologies, synthesis, etc. Seems a little bit different, but love stays the same)

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