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Green food supply chain

Idea by Sajan Palanchoke   |   added on Jan 11, 2012 04:10PM Discussion Discussion
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The challenges of food security today and that predicted in near future, can be combated by adopting Green food supply chain tailoring.


Aiding the transformations from traditional food processing to modern technological era, the study of food supply chain became essential. Every schematic study was increasingly marking attention towards focus on the high prices of oils, the diminishing availability of water and the sky touching cost of foods. For the food industry, the depletion of arable land and a growing world population demand controlling the sustainability of agricultural inputs to the industry. Controlling the sustainability of these supplies means controlling the economic, social, and environmental performance of the supply chain. The food crisis of 2007-2008 in world has placed long-term food security issues on the Global political agenda. Along with the challenges of Global food shortages, enhancing sustainability of the global food supply chain is also alarming. Sustainable food supply chain is such that which sustains the resource available for growing food and supplying other public benefits over time, except where alternative land uses are essential to meet other needs of society. Growing world food demands, impacts of global warming and climate change on food security, water scarcity and less soil productivity poses challenges to sustainability of food supply chain. The sustainability drivers for food supply chain includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing foot prints, sustainable souring, prevention of avoidable losses, guarantee food safety, transparency and traceability, fair trade, second green revolution, application of good agriculture practices, supporting earth’s vital ecosystems, absence of child and forced labour, improve local living conditions and respect land rights and applying good working and labour conditions.

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