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Undergraduate Analysis Competition

Idea by Dhruv Joshi   |   added on Apr 30, 2011 07:49PM Suggestion Suggestion
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Students would be given a sample with an unknown mixture of compounds, and they have to identify as many as they can, using all means at their disposal at their universities, before a deadline.

This is an idea I had for a contest for undergrad students, which could help develop some useful skills in analysis, and also which would be exciting in a first-team-wins type of contest atmosphere.

Samples could be provided in sealed vials to the students, and they have to identify all constituents, possibily with some useful clues provided as to the nature of the compounds present.

What I would appreciate is feedback and suggestions, and possibly assistance of an external agency in carrying out this contest, since it would involve logistics which are out of my realm of practicality.

Topic: analysis, international, hands-on activities, competition Audience: undergraduate students, universities
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