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Healthy world with chemistry

Idea by Mohammadreza Kamalisarvestani   |   added on Nov 01, 2011 06:29AM Suggestion Suggestion
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Starting a global project in chemistry to help the people of the world by the Medicinal Chemistry

I want to start a global project in chemistry for helping the people of the world by the Medicinal Chemistry.

    Project Details:
1.Name of the project :      "Healthy world with chemistry"  
2.Targets:     The targets of the project define "How to help the world people by medicinal chemistry"   * Establishing a non-profit foundation for supporting the researches in Medicinal chemistry   * Sharing and publishing new progresses and developements in Medicinal chemistry   * Defining and supporting the applicable research projects in Medicinal chemistry in all of the world   * Synchronizing global research projects for the specified porpuses in Medicinal chemistry   * Designing novel research templates, according to global neccesities   * Approximating the Medicinal chemists together for developing the researches    * Supporting the cancer patients   * and etc.
3.Members:     The members stand in 4 category:
* Experts   * Students   * Supportters   * Others
I will be glad , if you suggest everything to improve.

Topic: medicinal chemistry, public project Audience: general public, scientists, international, global, post graduate students, professional chemists, professors


Lucas Holanda
Nov 09, 2011 11:00PM

Hi, I am student of third year of high school and want to take entrance exams for medicine. I really enjoyed his initiative in promoting a project of medicinal chemistry. I suggest you thinkabout how to "program" a chemically bacterial cell to produce antibodies specific for human organisms with impaired immunity(either because the person is elderly or is ill). Thus providinggreater efficiency in health.

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