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Develop Strategies for Poverty Alleviation

Idea by Ashraf Chaudhry   |   added on Oct 17, 2010 01:18PM Collaboration Collaboration
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Develop Strategies for Poverty Alleviation through application of Chemistry

A network of training facilities is desired to initiate well integrated following program in hilly areas for poverty alleviation;

1.       A model village will house some essential facilities for the development of the inhabitants who would use bio gas not only as their fuel but also as a source of generating moderate electric facilities for their day to day activities. It will facilitate an environment for avoiding deforestation.

2.       Good livestock facilities would be created to meet local meat requirements as well as raw material for bio gas.

3.       The model village will have safe drinking water facilities based on local water reservoir. These reservoir will possiblably be used to produce appropriate electricity for the local community.

4.       Develop sustainable programs for creating/ initiating projects likely to raise the financial status of community of either gender.

5.       The activities involved should use the local man power to open up avenues to mature the proposed activities & acquire sufficient training so that they are able to produce marketable products acceptable by the national and international community.

6.       Local herbal/medicinal plants could be used to extract valuable products which have export potential by using the training acquired/imparted to local person of common background.

7.       A botanic / herbal garden needs to be established to provide authentic raw material to the local and foreign buyers. It will act as focal point for tourism.

8.       Taking into account the cultural background of the women folk, a program will be established to use their local talent to prepare marketable material for local purpose and exports.

9.       The local people will be encouraged to adopt income generating activities.

10.    Good educational facilities will be arranged for children of all ages.

11.    Develop a practical program for surveillance and monitoring of all hilly areas to avoid natural calamities like erosion, land sliding, flooding & other disasters.

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