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Early Chemistry Education For Junior High School

Idea by Indra Yudhipratama   |   added on Feb 17, 2010 11:21AM Suggestion Suggestion
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Start to educate the earlier age to know basic of chemistry

My idea is to encourage young people in earlier age especially for grade 7-9 high school to know and encourage them about the important of chemistry, especially for the role of chemistry in daily life.

Topic: engaging the youth Audience: educators, secondary schools


Sergey Krivoschekov
Feb 23, 2010 04:37AM

I believe that teaching of chemistry should begin at the age of 14-15 years, when a child already has some idea of how the world of the other courses (eg, physics, natural history). And to bring to each student the role of chemistry in daily life will likely increase rate, ie classes per week, with the expansion rate of the simple adoption of the facts, to some elements of the philosophy of chemistry and its (chemical) interaction with aspects of human life .

Albert Ahatov
Apr 15, 2010 06:34PM

has anyone any idea how to increase the interest of school students to learn chemistry?

Apr 16, 2010 09:14PM

that's good idea for children...

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