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Pilot project called experimental rocketry, is the analysis, design, construction and launch of an experimental rocket fuel solid with a payload in excess of 1000 meters

Idea by Juan carlos Arias cañón   |   added on Jan 01, 2012 05:22PM Collaboration Collaboration
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The experimental project called Mission Rocket Pioneers is part of the Space Program Eduacación +14 EEA School conducted by the Colombian Association Astcol Astronautics. It seeks to involve students in the design, analysis, construction, testing and launch of an experimental rocket.

A science aerospace Colombia? In saying this, probably very few will get a glimpse of the work done in the country over the area of ​​knowledge, it is common to hear about medicine, biology, engineering, chemistry and even astronomy, but to astronautics Colombian throughout history have been neglected can affect their development, and limiting their potential to the detriment of the potential benefits that would bring the general population.

It is believed then that there is no investment, no projection, nor investigation. However, all these ghosts disappear when in the context of a country focused on other concerns, Colombian appears Astronautics Association (Astcol), an association of Colombian non-profit organization that works nationally and internationally, to generate knowledge, innovations , research and projects to advance scientific and technological level involving children, youth and adults throughout the process, based on the principle that all have the same right to receive information.

This association is betting Colombian youth, is currently developing a project with the congregation of Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena, involving nine of its schools in cities across the country. This is being done in April and consists of experiments in rocketry, ie, eighth grade students to eleven, consist of 98% for girls, must design and build all parts of the rocket, in addition to raising all the necessary conditions for that it can fly at more than 1000 m in height. Thus was launched subsequently scheduled for February 18, 2012 in the town of Villa de Leiva (Boyaca), in addition, it is "valentino" who will be your little crew member mission of this project is to measure atmospheric conditions to 3000 m in height.

At the time, this association is looking for all kinds of people who are interested in aerospace sciences to join her, and is implementing its innovative system, the Space Education Program School +14 EEA in schools and with young people you work, all under the coordination of Pirateque Marco, who is the current Secretary General of the Astcol.

One of the clearest and most important objectives of this association is that Colombia can get the benefits they provide aerospace sciences, as they could be satellite communications, new technologies for risk management, and even innovations that can have a positive influence on all the economically speaking, therefore, ASTCOL still in the process that began four years ago, to train children and youth succeed in the future our country be a strong reference point for the U.S. scientific level, Europe, Brazil, Argentina and Peru, among others, betting on the development of this science.

Plan: Plan the Space Education National Association Colombiana Astronautics

Program: School Space Education EEA +14 degrees higher

Project: Called experimental rocket pilot, is the analysis, design, construction and launch of an experimental rocket solid fuel with a payload in excess of 1000 meters.

Mission Definition: Measurement of atmospheric constituents on the ground to Ecuador over 3000 meters above the sea level. (1000 meters above the launch site).

Rocket Name: In honor of the centenary of the death of the versatile founder of the Dominican Third Order of St. Catherine of Siena, and in order to better understand the mood of their education and his intellectual solvency. Quee which considered the study and teaching as the most sacred duty, this experimental space vehicle bore the name of Fray Saturnino Gutierrez.

Release Date: This event will be held on February 18, 2012, which commemorates the founding of the religious community

Topic: experiments, exhibition Audience: students, general public, secondary schools, teachers, scientists, high schools, educators
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