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Constituion of Think Tank

Idea by Muhammad Younas   |   added on Feb 02, 2011 06:35PM Suggestion Suggestion
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A forum of interested Chemists should be constituted to discuss the current issues, to exchange ideas,to prepare curricula for students of different levels.Being world a global village, it is demanded that a uniform level of teaching must be adopted worldwide. The objectives the said "Think Tank" may be fixed in future.

The constituion of a Think Tank is suggested to boast up activities in various disciplines of chemistry.It will give us a chance to use our full potentials for the service of chemistry as well as humanity. There are certain retired persons and those who did not have access to any programme where they can discuss their experiences of chemistry. In short it will be a great step towards service of chemistry and the essence of celebrations of year of chemistry .

Topic: engaging the youth Audience: decision makers
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