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Using Learning Technologies in Chemistry Teaching

Idea by Symeon Retalis   |   added on Jun 05, 2011 04:16PM Suggestion Suggestion
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The aim of this workshop is to demonstrate ways to make chemistry lesson more learning effective and stimulating to young children. Presentations by experienced teachers who use advaced learning technologies in their teaching practice, industrial vendors who create educational software for chemistry will be made.

Within the biggest national event on elearning, the [] which attracts more than 3000 people in two days, we are proposing to organise a workshop about the didactics of Chemistry and the use of advanced learning technologies in Chemistry teaching for making the subject more stimulating and learning effective.

This event will include presentations & show cases of chemistry teachers on how they use advanced learning technologies (e.g. interactive whiteboards, simulations, etc,) in their teachning practice. Also, various educational software (e.g. virtual labs) for chemistry will be demonstrated. The main aim is to help teachers understand the added value of new learning methods and tools for making chemistry subject more appealing to young children. Presenters will be experienced teachers, faculty staff specialised in didactics of chemisty, people from the national chemistry association in Greece and representatives from the elearning industry.

This event will be widely disseminated using various media (such as blogs, facebook, articles on newspapers, etc.).

Topic: workshops, educational software, didactics of chemistry Audience: industrial, scientists, parents, school children, decision makers, industrial vendors
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