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Youth Contribution for Environment

Idea by Rahma Yanda   |   added on Mar 28, 2011 12:30AM Discussion Discussion
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Held activities with Youth in my city to take contribution for environment around us

This activity is in our planning for april 2011. we are going to present our next programs to the Second year chemistry students in Andalas University, and asking them to join taking part in cleaning the beachside action. We are also planning them to make a video about how to recycle, reuse, or reduce the trash, and upload it to You tube.

Topic: hands-on activities, engaging the youth, environment Audience: iyc enthusiasts, students


Rupashree Dass
May 07, 2011 07:46AM

This seems really innovative! would love to see that video if you could upload it somehow....

Rahma Yanda
May 07, 2011 12:10PM

Hi rupashree.. thank you ^_^

i don't make the video yet,  but i'll..

 you can see about it in my blog


Rupashree Dass
May 07, 2011 03:19PM

So can you tell me how you recycled all the trash exactly ??

Rather than dumping most of the trash in water can we actually think of a way we can treat the way the trash needs to be treated so that it doesn't pollute the environment once we throw it away??

what did u do with the things which were non biodegradable?

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