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Green Chemistry for Cell Penetrating Peptide Synthesis

Idea by James Chou   |   added on Aug 08, 2011 03:06PM Discussion Discussion
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Bioactive peptides are of interest as potential intracellular therapeutics in human disease. Bioactive peptides have high target specificity, low toxicity, and low accumulation in tissues. Using green chemistry technology could modify the amino acids for better cell penetration.



The process of introducing drugs into cells has always proved a major challenge for scientists. However, cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) have the ability to enter a cell's plasma membrane independent of a membrane receptor. They are usually small peptides at 10–30 residues in length. The sequences of amino acids are often positively charged. 

LifeTein scientists are developing a method to chemically modify amino acids that can be incorporated into peptides to improve permeability across cell membranes.

CPPs have demonstrated themselves to be capable of delivering biologically active cargo to the cell interior. Attached to a CPP, therapeutic cargo could be delivered to an intracellular target, thus overcoming the entry restrictions set by the plasma membrane. See more details from here.

Topic: peptide synthesis, chemistry education, chemistry of nature, chemistry of peptide synthesis Audience: chemistry, peptides, chemical synthesis
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