International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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Writing the World

Annual Poetry Competition on the Secret Life of Chemicals

Chemistry is the stuff of life. The world we inhabit and the animals, people and plants in it, are all made up from atoms and particles. Worms and clouds are both forms of matter. Storms are caused by chemical reactions. Our senses of taste, touch and smell are dependent on chemical responses.

The IYC 2011 activity titled “Writing the World” is an international poetry competition sponsored and organized by Cool it Schools, a global environmental program. This autumn they have launched the poem theme “Chain Reactions” in honor of the International Year of Chemistry 2011. Cool it Schools encourages all youth to participate in writing poems on the secret life of chemicals. The poem entries should be no more than 14 lines, and can be funny, serious, or metaphorical. Most importantly youth are encouraged to have fun and use their imaginations!

Keep an eye on the Cool it Schools home page for more details.

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