International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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The Lives of ...

Marie Curie - A woman in the history of chemistry

- coming soon the next comic book by Fiami

Who was Marie Curie? What is Chemistry?
Everybody is familiar with the names Marie Curie, Aristotle and Lavoisier. But what do we know about them?
For the first time, chemistry is presented as an historical, accessible and humoristic comic book.
In 40 pages in color, Marie Curie plays different roles through the ages of great chemistrycal discoveries.

The comic book, authored by Fiami, is educational and ideal for schools and museums

Fiami is also the author of “The lives of Einstein” and “The lives of Galileo” (official comic book of IYA2009)
Follow Fiami’s progress on his website.

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