International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

The Chemical Element
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Chemical Element

Chemistry’s Contribution to Our Global Future

In this book, prominent scientists highlight the major advances in the fight against the largest problems faced by humanity from the point of view of chemistry, showing how science is essential to ensuring our long-term survival.

Edited by Javier Garcia-Martinez and Elena Serrano-Torregrosa
ISBN: 978-3-527-32880-2, Wiley/VCH, 2011

Following the UN Millennium Development Goals, the authors examine the nine most critical areas, including energy, climate, food, water, poverty, education and health. All of them are opinion leaders in their fields, or high-ranking decision makers in national and international institutions. This book provides an intellectual basis for the future development of chemistry, it is aimed at a wide readership including students, professionals, engineers, scientists, environmentalists and anyone interested in a more sustainable future.

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The book contains a Foreword from Nicole Moreau (President of the IUPAC) and Julia Hasler (UNESCO Focal Point for IYC) and an Epilogue by Jeffrey Sachs (Director of The Earth Institute).

The book is published by Wiley/VCH; see what else Wiley does while celebrating IYC

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