International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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Kids, chemistry, and cartoons . . . and videos too!

As part of the International Year of Chemistry, two exciting competitions were recently announced that are sure to spark great interest among students the world over. Sponsored by the IUPAC Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division, the competitions ask students to create cartoons and videos that can be used to teach chemistry. -

The goal of the Chemistry Cartoon Competition and the Physical Chemistry Video Competition is to clearly illustrate a chemistry principle or a physical chemistry principle in a manner that can enrich the teaching of chemistry.

The winner of the competition will be invited to attend the 43rd IUPAC Congress in Puerto Rico, USA (Jul 31-Aug 7, 2011) where a $1000 prize will be presented. The finalist cartoons will be displayed and the winning video screened at the Congress. Merit prizes will go to other students whose cartoons or videos are chosen as finalists.

Check out the following activities for more details and competition entry guidelines:

The submission deadline is 31 May 2011 !!

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Footnote: A Day Without Chemistryview video
The video was produced by the ACS Office of Public Affairs, Digital Services Unit and the Younger Chemists Committee; Concept and Direction by Adam Dylewski and Mick Hurrey, Ph.D; Art Direction and Animation by Kirk Zamieroski; Sound Design by Adam Dylewski