International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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IUPAC Publications Celebrate Marie Curie and Young Chemists

IUPAC is kicking off the International Year of Chemistry with special issues of its magazine Chemistry International and its journal Pure and Applied Chemistry. In different ways, these innovative editions will inspire and educate readers about the history of chemistry, the role of women in chemistry, and the creative future of the science.

The January-February 2011 issue of Chemistry International is devoted entirely to Marie Curie. The 48-page, 12 article issue explores the impact of Marie Curie’s discoveries and personality on the development of modern chemistry, physics, and nuclear medicine. The closely linked contributions merge the scientific and personal aspects of Marie Curie—the scientist and the woman—to offer a new perspective on her unique life. The special issue will be distributed widely throughout the year beginning with the Opening Ceremony in Paris on January 27. Read more.

The January 2011 issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC) features a collection of articles from past winners of the IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists, from inception of this annual competition in 2000 up to 2009. Fittingly subtitled “Perspectives and Challenges for the International Year of Chemistry,” this special issue of PAC should inspire and enthuse readers with fascinating insights into new and emerging aspects of the chemical sciences. The brainchild of PAC scientific editor James Bull, the issue features 17 articles covering a rich variety of topics. Read more.

Together, these IUPAC publications will contribute toward the three main goals of the IYC: increasing the public appreciation of chemistry in meeting world needs, encouraging interest in chemistry among young people, and generating enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry.

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