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Google Doodle

Happy Birthday, Madame Curie!

Today, November 7, Google honors Marie Curie, with an impressionistic doodle. The California company’s search-engine homepage celebrates the 144th anniversary of Madame Curie’s birth with a pastel-colored “Google Doodle” so evocative of her era. The doodle shows Marie Curie working at a table and looks like a radioactive trace.

Marie Curie was born 1867 as Maria Skodowska in Warsaw, Poland. In 1891, at the age 24, she went to Paris to study Physics and Chemistry. Marie Curie gets famous for her pioneering research on radioactivity. In 1903 she won the Noble Prize in Physics – she shared it with her husband Pierre Curie and with Henri Becquerel. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. In 1911 she won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Such a birthday present is surely one she could not have imagined! In its own way, Google is joining the worldwide celebration surrounding the 100th anniversary of the Mme. Curie Nobel Prize in Chemistry and part of the IYC 2011 celebrations which goal is also to inspire students, especially women, to pursue careers in chemistry.

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Earlier this year, on March 31, Robert Bunsen did receive a similar Doodle birthday present and chemists loved it!

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