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International Year of Chemistry 2011

Water - Clay Pot
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Global Experiment

Water–A Chemical Solution: the IYC Global Experiment is an activity that unites students around the globe to participate in activities that highlight the role that chemistry plays in issues of water quality and purification.

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Primary school to high school students are invited to explore one of the Earth’s most critical resources, water. The students report their findings on water quality and water treatment on the website, allowing them to compare results and connect with other students around the world.

The global experiment, an initiative of the IUPAC Committee on Chemistry Education, currently includes four planned activities designed to cover intriguing chemical concepts with the use of minimal required equipment and resources. Teachers work with their classrooms to complete the four activities, giving students an overview of a variety of concepts including acidity, salinity, filtration, and solar still water purification.

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Water Global Exp
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