International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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M. Curie's Lessons

still relevant after more than a century

A series of performances in Japan will re-create the physics lessons Marie Curie taught her daughter and others in 1901.

The Japanese program Science Studio Marie is bringing Madame Marie Curie to life through a series of performances that re-create the physics lessons she taught her daughter Irene and her colleagues’ children in 1901. Using the Japanese form of story telling called Kamishibai, the performances will show how amazingly fresh and relevant Curie‚Äôs lessons are today, more than a century after she created them. Inventive and even funny, the lessons encourage students to question and experiment.

Since 2002, the Japanese program Science Studio Marie has been helping children and women become more familiar with science, technology, and mathematics. Check out this activity for more information.

With Marie Curie a centerpiece of the International Year of Chemistry, there are numerous activities around the world celebrating her contributions to chemistry and science. A search on the IYC site will yield at least 150 hits related to this amazing woman. Give it a try!

activity featured May 26, 2011