International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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Chemistry Quiz

An international activity that celebrates and encourages chemistry education

Over the years, the Australian National Chemistry Quiz has grown from 29,000 Australian students in 1984 to an international quiz involving 120,415 students from 15 countries in 2009. The Quiz grows each year as it provides exciting and stimulating activities and materials for students and teachers.

The Quiz is truly international with quiz papers translated into seven different languages. The Quiz has included participants from 15 countries including Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Indonesia to name a few.

The Quiz is run in four divisions; Junior Years 7-8, Junior Years 9-10, Senior Year 11 and Senior Year 12. It consists of 30 multiple choice questions and will need a time slot of 70-80 minutes. The actual Quiz runs for approximately one hour and is intended to be supervised within the school by the teacher.

Get your school involved in the 2011 Chemistry Quiz to celebrate Chemistry education and the International Year of Chemistry!

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