International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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Chemistry Calendar

Educational and action-packed videos

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12 videos, one for each month of IYC 2011, will be released and showing how chemistry plays a role in our daily lives – and in our future

The Chemistry Calendar is a joint project between Molecular Frontiers, Swedish universities Chalmers and University of Gothenburg, and science center Universeum, in celebration of IYC2011. Twelve original and inspiring videos, one for each month of the year, show how chemistry plays an important role in our lives. The topics of the monthly videos follow the themes recommended by the Swedish Chemical Society.

The first 3 months have seen the release of:
January, Arts and culture
February, Fashion
March, Climate and energy

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The videos are available free of charge on
For each of the videos, there is downloadable teaching material, with facts and classroom experiments that can be used together with the video to make a fun lesson plan; these can be downloaded from the Molecular Frontiers’ website for young people, MoleClues.

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