International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

be small chem13 Be by Katrina Laursen, 11th grade

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A World of Elements

Chem 13 News Periodic Table

The Chem 13 News Periodic Table Project celebrates the International Year of Chemistry in 2011. This collaborative periodic table is designed by chemistry students from all Canadian provinces and territories, 20 US states and 14 different countries.

Chem 13 News readers registered their chemistry students to artistically interpret one element. Combined these tiles form one innovative and unique periodic table.

You can go online at to see the project and read about the creative process of each tile. There you can click on each tiles, see who created the tile and learn about scientific data relevant to high school curriculum.
chem13 table

Check out the following activity for more details

activity featured December 17, 2011