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International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

cheers from Bulgaria

Welcome to Gorna Malina !

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Chem Culture

Chemistry as a Cultural Enterprise and a Celebration in Bulgaria . . .

After six months and 247 submissions from 18 countries, the winners of the International Year of Chemistry Global Stamp Competition have been announced:

12–14 age group:
Vasilena Vasileva (14) from SOU Hristo Botev, Gorna Malina, Bulgaria

15–18 age group:
Muzhafar Hassan Ismail (17) from MARA Junior Science College, Taiping, Malaysia

Peter Yousef M. Rubio (18) from Santo Tomas University, Manila, Philippines

here below from left to right
stamps - 3winners

See all runners up entries and read more about the competition in Chem Int Nov-Dec 2011 issue.

On Nov 8, 2011, Lida Schoen and Keith Kelly travelled to Gorna Malina, Bulgaria to take part in the awarding celebration of the winner of 12-14 age group: Vasilena Vasileva. See Keith’s photo reportage

“This was a truly splendid educational moment” write Keith. “The whole of this event was about celebrating achievement in young people, applauding their efforts, and, well, having a bit of a party at the same time.”

cheers from Bulgaria - interview
(left) The local press interviewed Lida about the competition and Vasi about her stamp design featuring Bulgaria famous rose oil production.

The day celebrations included the YAC (Young Ambassadors for Chemistry) cosmetics workshop, transforming classroom in busy setting where small groups of students produced a range of cosmetics products including shampoo, hair gel and face cream by following simple instructions. After hands-on preparations, the groups were encouraged to brand their products and think of a marketing campaign to ‘sell’ them. In the end the best design, the best chemistry, and the best sales pitch wins the prizes. The YAC workshops are instrumental in getting get young people communicating about chemistry and explaining what they were doing to the passing public, explaining their enthusiasm for science to whoever is listening.

The spirit of enjoyment of science was very much palpable in Gorna Malina and Keith admitted that “it is worth all the effort which goes into the preparation, the time, and the getting there, just to see the fun in the faces of the young people involved.”

Stamps booth in Brussels
Less than a month later, at IYC 2011 Closing Ceremony in Brussels, Lida presented the amazing collection of stamps submission that the competition generated. That was Lida’s very personal way to thank again everyone who have participated in the competition!

Jung-Il Jin (left), IUPAC past President, and Lida Schoen in the Stamps booth set-up in Brussels for the IYC closing. (check picasa here for more photos from Lida’s booth)

Check out this IYC activity page for more details

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