International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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IYC promotional film

On the occasion of the IYC2011, the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) has produced a film to inform the general public that chemistry:

- meets the world’s needs
- is creative and is building our future
- inspires young people
- celebrates the continued contribution of women to science

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The film targets young people in the 16 to 20 year age group.

This IYC promotional film shows the importance of chemistry in our daily lives. Its explains how chemistry provides the global population with access, in a sustainable way, to drinking water, food, clothing, health and health care, energy- and emission-friendly housing, transport, communication and education. At the same time it underlines the importance of women in chemistry on the occasion of the centennial of the 1911 Chemistry Nobel Prize to Marie Sklodowska Curie.

EPCA, UNESCO and IUPAC have established a partnership to make and distribute this film throughout their respective networks worldwide. You can view the film on the In case you would like to post this film on your websites, please contact The film is also available in the social media You Tube, Twitter and Facebook .

Share this film in your network and make people understand how the chemical industry helps to make our world a better, safer, more enjoyable place to be!

For more details, check out this activity.

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