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Twelve Months of Chemistry (2011 = Chemistry x 12)

Activity by Paulo Ribeiro-Claro   |   added on Sep 26, 2010   |   Portugal Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): University of Aveiro (Department of Chemistry)

A set of 12 activities to point out each month of 2011, advertised as a one-year programme, aiming at the maximization of their individual visibility.

During the “Twelve Months of Chemistry”, each month will be marked by a specific activity at the University, organized in collaboration with schools, industrial partners, regional authorities, and science centres.

 Some of the activities are already organized regularly, but will be reshaped within the IYC commemorative goal: the young students’ competitions Chemistry Olympiads, and the general public open days of the Science and Technology Week are two examples.

Other planned activities are the photography contest “Chemistry around us”, the conference “The image of women in science”, and the chemistry demonstration show “Chemistry in a Summer Night”.

Topic: celebrating chemistry Audience: students, professors, general public
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