Activity 3

Nov 01, 2011
Dhanmondi kamrunnessa Govt. Girls High School , Dhaka, Bangladesh

Name of the Experiment: Chemical Test of water

Instruments : Beaker , Burner, net wire , Triple stand , glass rod

Chemicals : Anhydrous Copper Sulphate

Experiment Details : Anhydrous Copper Sulphatewas dissolved into water , heated with bunsen burner and the mixture was cooled finally.

Observation: Blue Crytalline material was found.

Inference : Supplied Liquid sample was water.

Comment : Anhydrous Copper Sulphatereacts with water to produce blue coloured copper sulphate.

Equation : CuSO4(s) + H2O CuSO4.5H2O(S)

Since copper sulphate reacts with supplied liquid sample and produced blue copper sulphate , hence  liquid sample was water.

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