Activity 2

Oct 11, 2011
Dhanmondi Kamrunnessa Govt. girls high school, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Name of the experiment      : Chemical Test of water

Instruments                            : Glass Rod, Baeker, Burner , Triple stand with net wire

Chemicals                               : Anhydrous cobalt chloride , impure water sample 

Experiment Details                 ; Anhydrous cobalt chloride was dissolved into sample water and heated                                                          with a bunsen burner. after evaporation of water the mixture was cooled. 

Observation                              : Pink Color crystalline solid was found.

Inference                                   : Supplied liquid sample was water.

Comment                                  : Anhydrous cobalt chloride reacts with waterand produced pink colored                                                       cobalt chloride which is moistured. 

Equation                                    : CaCl2(s) + H2O CoCl2.6H2O(S)


Anhydrous blue cobalt chloride was reacted with sample water and produced pink coloured cobalt chloride. Supplied liquid sample was water.



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