Rare Earth Game segment to Air on CBC Televisions Dragons' Den TV Show

Dec 14, 2011
On CBC TV across Canada


Rick Gowan and Jim MacDonald have been selected to present their new science learning game, the Rare Earth Chemical Element Card Game on an upcoming episode of Dragons’ Den, airing Wednesday,December 14th at 8 p.m. (8:30 p.m. in NFLD) on CBC Television.

The game emerged from Gowan and MacDonald's experience watching their children play with existing cartoon-character based card games that depended on complex rules and extensive memorization but didn't teach anything of lasting value.

"We realized that the periodic table of elements was the perfect template upon which to create an engaging game that kids love," said Gowan. "We've shown that you can create a learning game with unique and engaging cartoon characters that fascinates young minds precisely because gameplay is based in reality."

Dragons' Den is the top-rated Canadian entertainment program on television, with more than one and a half million Canadians tuning in each week. "The exposure is worth millions of dollars in promotion and entrepreneurs don't find out if their segment will be included in the Dragons' Den until the production company contacts you," said MacDonald. Today, the inventors received the news from the producers that their segment will be aired December 14th.

"We're not allowed to reveal the outcome of the meeting before the airing,"said MacDonald. "But we welcome everyone to watch and find out for themselves."

The team is currently developing a mobile game app and a book based on the chemistry-based characters they developed for the card game. "As a science teacher, I'm glad that this fun and effective learning game will be shared with so many people," said Gowan.

The Web site for the game is