Dr. John Emsley on "A Healthy, Wealthy, Sustainable World"

Sep 19, 2011
The Brel Theatre at the British School of Brussels, Leuvensesteenweg 19, 3080 Tervuren

The world stands at a crossroads. What route to the future should we take? Dr John Emsley is a well-known champion of chemistry and works to help people get a better appreciation of the role of chemistry in daily life and its essential contribution to a future sustainable world.

John will be in Brussels on the evening of 19 September to talk about his latest book – ‘A Healthy, Wealthy, Sustainable World’. His latest work was specifically written for International Year of Chemistry 2011 and describes the importance of chemistry in everyday life, the benefits that chemical science currently brings to society, and how this can continue on a truly sustainable basis.

The route to a sustainable city beckons, but what effect will this have on chemistry, which seems to be so dependant on fossil resources? Its products are part of everyday life, and without them we could regress to the world of earlier generations when lives were blighted by disease, famine, dirt and pain. In fact, the chemical, agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries could be sustainable and not only benefit the developed world but also be shared by everyone on the planet and for generations to come. This talk will show how this could be achieved.

Dr John Emsley is the author of a series of highly readable best-selling popular science books about everyday chemistry. He has also published in national newspapers and magazines, and he has written chemistry text books and booklets for industry. Following his PhD research at Manchester University, John pursued an academic career in the University of London, before becoming science writer in residence at Imperial College London and then the University of Cambridge. In addition to his popular books and articles he has also authored over 110 original research papers.

Drinks and nibbles will be available after the lecture and there will be an opportunity to meet and talk with John.
Entrance: Adults €5, bona fide students free, payable at the door. Registration is not essential but if you do intend to come please email RSC Belgium with the number in your party, so we can make sure we have an adequate stock of refreshments on hand.

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