IYC2011 Memorial - Chemical Process of Ceramics

Sep 08, 2011
Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan

IYC2011Memorial Chemical Process of Ceramics

September 8, 2011, Hokkaido University, Japan

(in conjunction with the 24th Fall Meeting of the Ceramic Society of Japan)


Ceramics have played an important role to support the development of information technology, restoration of environment and energy issues, and progress of life science in our human life. Japan has been leading the ceramic field in the world, and the chemistry has been a key technology to develop new ceramics and fine ceramics. Various chemical processes are now available, such as sol-gel process, precursor process, molecular assembly, patterning, etc. to create unique functional materials. Environmentally-benign processes are also required for our sustainable society. In this symposium, we would like to discuss on the ceramic chemistry toward future together with professors, industrial researchers, young researchers and students in the style of invite lecture. The invited speakers are planned as follows:


Invited speakers:

Xingguo Li (Peking Univ., China), Kwang Ho Kim (Pusan National Univ., Korea), Yanfeng Gao (Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China), Takashi Kato (Univ. of Tokyo,

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