“Your Magic – It’s Chemistry” Exhibition

Nov 23, 2011 - Nov 27, 2011
Miraikan, Tokyo, Japan

What would be most effective way to attract very young people, who have not learned atom and molecule at school, to chemistry? On the occasion of the international year of chemistry in 2011, The Chemical Society of Japan, in cooperation with the National Museum on Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) and Japan Association of Chemical Industries, plan to hold an exhibition in which materials with unique properties have been effectively presented and let visitors surprise, wonder and joy at them. The exhibition is planned to be held from 23th to 27th of November, 2011 at the Miraikan in Tokyo.

A number of local governments in Japan have constructed and maintain science museums to let young people enjoy science. However, there are few exhibition pieces based on chemical principle in those museums, maybe because chemistry is not easy to have experience through exhibition, but through experience in laboratory. Development of exhibition themed chemistry is our challenge and we will share know-how of this development process.

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