Publications of book to spread chemistry. “Kagaku no hataraki”:Clothes and fiber

Feb 28, 2011
1-5 Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8307, Japan

Publications of book to spread chemistry for professional chemists, students, post graduate students in the end of Feb.

. “Kagaku no hataraki”Clothes and fiber.

1  About clothes and the fiber

2  Warm clothes and cool clothes

3  Clothes that do not crumple easily

4  Fiber like silk

5  Fiber like wool

6  Fiber like skin

7  Fiber that imitates function

8  Evolving sportswear

9  Wear that supports health

10 Clothes used by medical treatment

11 Clothes that pass steam

12 Mystery of paper diaper

13 Introduction of real nanotechnology

14 Super-fiber with strength

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