The Chemistry of Textiles

Nov 17, 2011
SCI HQ, 15 Belgrave Square, London, UK

This event will highlight recent developments and technical innovations in the use of chemicals in the textile industry.To celebrate the International Year of Chemistry, we are delighted to offer this joint event organised by SCI and SDC. We have an exceptional line up of speakers representing leading brands. They will be highlighting recent developments and technical innovations in the use of chemicals in the textile industry, giving you the opportunity to learn from best practice. Derek Heywood will give an overview of the chemicals used in finishing the make-up of modern day clothing, taking account of the stringent health and safety regulations.

Alain Langerock from Devan Chemicals, will give an evaluation of antimicrobial treatments on textiles. Dow Corning is a leading global silicones supplier and Bertrand Lenoble will talk about some of their innovative solutions for the textile industry. Vivimed Labs Europe is a speciality chemicals company and Andy Towns will focus on the kinds of chemicals it synthesises which are textile-related, albeit not in the conventional sense! The chemistry and applications of these materials will be discussed with particular focus on photochromic dyes. There will also be a glimpse into the company's involvement in materials for high-tech applications that could find their way into clothing in the future. Camira have developed new sustainable fabrics and processes for the commercial contracts and transportation markets through innovation and the use of alternative solutions. Cheryl Kindness will show examples of how they have developed a new blend of natural fibres which meet high flammability requirements, investigate work using new processes and development of product that meets global environmental standards along with waste reduction options through design.

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